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cljsfiddle Upgrades

(rationale cljsfiddle)

The goal of cljsfiddle is to show how simple it can be to write non-trivial code using Reagent and clojurescript. Clojure has changed not only how I approach computing problems, but how I organizing my living space, and the value of focusing on abstractions.

When I tell people I used Clojure and Clojurescript on our startup, they respond with "What?". Then I have to tell them how this awesome language and stuff they've never heard of is the best thing ever.

So now we can point them to, and let them revel in amazement.

New Features

cljsfiddle is a completely front-end project.

Including the new loading screen from Chris Oakman!

cljsfiddle has Parinfer mode enabled so that the level of indentation dictates how the parenthesis are setup.

We're able to save fiddles, using github gists as a key value store! So now you can share your clever fiddling with the world.

Next steps

Next steps include gzipping the site (wow!), and adding more editing modes.

Special Thanks:

Matthew Jaoudi

For mentioning how great it would be to have a cljsfiddle, and helping with some concepts behind the fiddle.

Chris Oakman

For creating the design mockup for the newest version of cljsfiddle (which I mostly followed to a `T`), including animating the loading page (which looks great imo!!).

Shaun LeBron

For helping me along with the Parinfer installation.


For letting us store and load every saved cljsfiddle as a gist.