Bryan Maass

Bryan brings his "get it done" mindset from Co-founding Fetchh to improve products and experiences.


Skill Keywords
Backend Development Clojure, Postgres, leiningen, oh-my-zsh, clojure.spec,
Frontend Development ClojureScript, Re-Frame, rum, JS, react, websockets, Semantic UI, HTML, CSS,
Dev Ops Ubuntu, ssh, lein, nrepl, bash, Jenkins
Emacs magit, cider, org-mode, paredit, projectile, helm


Senior Frontend Software Engineer, Threatgrid at Cisco

2017-06 — Present

Advanced Malware Analysis

  • Applied management techniques to co-lead a frontend engineering team
  • Installed single source state management for 30% faster development time
  • Upgraded a frontend javasript app to a clojurescript app
  • Introduced systematic code cleaning which eradicated 97% of bike shedding

Senior Data Engineer Contractor, ROKT

2016-05 — Present

a mid-size transactional marketing startup

  • Mentored developers regarding Clojure best practices, style, and team culture
  • Implemented and maintained self-serve UI for Advertiser APIs which lead to 80% fewer API support requests
  • Lead multiple workshops ranging from Emacs, Higher Order Functions, and re-frame

Technical Co-Founder,

2015-03 — 2016-04

an on-demand logistics service and the easiest way to pack and post items.

  • Designed, developed, and deployed entire SPA, Clojure backend, and Postgres infrastructure
  • Rolled an analytics platform to measure user behavior (sql queries + Google Analytics +
  • Reverse engineered postage carrier APIs and placed thousands of shipments
  • Architected a system to track parcels and automatically inform customers about the status of thousands of shipments
  • Sent highly customized marketing through Etsy's in-app messaging protocol
  • Raised 150k Angel Round

Software Engineer, Staples Inc. (Staples SparX)

2014-03 — 2015-02

an applied machine learning branch of Staples Inc.

  • Lead developer for the SparX reporting platform
  • Improved SparX's A/B testing platform, getting it into production 3 months ahead of schedule

Software Engineer, Oxygen Cloud Inc.

2013-08 — 2014-02

a self-hostable Dropbox clone.

  • Engineered a compatibility layer which linked ftp into the Oxygen Cloud file system
  • Mentored 3 new team-mates to successfully build compatibility layers for WebDAV, SFTP, and Samba


Creator, CLJS Fiddle

2016-03 — Present

site for exploring and sharing interactive ClojureScript snippets.

ClojureScript, Reagent, Parinfer


2015-02 — 2015-03

Minimalist site to showcase Clojure's ability to manipulate HTML as datastructures.

Creator, Blog

2016-02 — Present

Conceptualization, design, development, deployment, and content.


Bachelor of Science, University of California at Davis

2009-01 — 2013-01


Simplifying Clojure Data with Tracks, Sydney Clojure Group


CLJS Fiddle (, ReactJS Sydney


Clojure, RethinkDB, and You, Sydney Clojure Group



Will Jensen

My time working with Bryan to build, grow, and sell Fetchh has given me great insight into his abilities as a leader and thinker. Bryan has an ability to develop lean strategies that develop and grow products fast. His ability to iterate makes him an asset to any company and I would jump at the opportunity to work with him again.

Mike Thompson

Bryan has a deep knowledge of re-frame. I worked with him on a port to the JVM, which was a great success. It was also when I was tossing around ideas with Bryan that the concept of reg-sub arrived.