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Bryan Maass

Bryan Maass

Email: Tel: 626 404 8410 Web:

Bryan brings his “get it done” mindset from Co-founding Fetchh to improve products and experiences.


  • Backend Development: Clojure, Postgres, leiningen, oh-my-zsh, clojure.spec,
  • Frontend Development: ClojureScript, Re-Frame, rum, JS, react, websockets, Semantic UI, HTML, CSS,
  • Dev Ops: Ubuntu, ssh, lein, nrepl, bash, Jenkins
  • Emacs: magit, cider, org-mode, paredit, projectile, helm


Senior Frontend Software Engineer, Threatgrid at Cisco (2017-06 — Present)

Advanced Malware Analysis

  • Applied management techniques to co-lead a frontend engineering team
  • Installed single source state management for 30% faster development time
  • Upgraded a frontend javasript app to a clojurescript app
  • Introduced systematic code cleaning which eradicated 97% of bike shedding

Senior Data Engineer Contractor, ROKT (2016-05 — Present)

a mid-size transactional marketing startup

  • Mentored developers regarding Clojure best practices, style, and team culture
  • Implemented and maintained self-serve UI for Advertiser APIs which lead to 80% fewer API support requests
  • Lead multiple workshops ranging from Emacs, Higher Order Functions, and re-frame

Technical Co-Founder, (2015-03 — 2016-04)

an on-demand logistics service and the easiest way to pack and post items.

  • Designed, developed, and deployed entire SPA, Clojure backend, and Postgres infrastructure
  • Rolled an analytics platform to measure user behavior (sql queries + Google Analytics +
  • Reverse engineered postage carrier APIs and placed thousands of shipments
  • Architected a system to track parcels and automatically inform customers about the status of thousands of shipments
  • Sent highly customized marketing through Etsy’s in-app messaging protocol
  • Raised 150k Angel Round

Software Engineer, Staples Inc. (Staples SparX) (2014-03 — 2015-02)

an applied machine learning branch of Staples Inc.

  • Lead developer for the SparX reporting platform
  • Improved SparX’s A/B testing platform, getting it into production 3 months ahead of schedule

Software Engineer, Oxygen Cloud Inc. (2013-08 — 2014-02)

a self-hostable Dropbox clone.

  • Engineered a compatibility layer which linked ftp into the Oxygen Cloud file system
  • Mentored 3 new team-mates to successfully build compatibility layers for WebDAV, SFTP, and Samba


Creator, CLJS Fiddle (2016-03 — Present)

site for exploring and sharing interactive ClojureScript snippets. site for exploring and sharing interactive ClojureScript snippets.

Creator, (2015-02 — 2015-03)

site to espouse the virtues of Clojure data as an HTML DSL. Minimalist site to showcase Clojure’s ability to manipulate HTML as datastructures.

Creator, Blog (2016-02 — Present)

My programming blog. Powered by Org-Mode. Conceptualization, design, development, deployment, and content.


University of California at Davis (2009-01 — 2013-01)


Simplifying Clojure Data with Tracks, Sydney Clojure Group (2016)

CLJS Fiddle (, ReactJS Sydney (2016)

Clojure, RethinkDB, and You, Sydney Clojure Group (2016)