Here are some things I built:


  • Clojure(Script) library to manipulate the shape of data.
  • Over 100 ⭐️s


  • A graph manipulation toy, language + viewer


  • Clojure/script library for simple and declarative datastructure manipulation.


  • A prototype for customizing weighted average with your preferences

CLJS Fiddle

  • Bootstrapped reagent playground which saves gists on github.

Color Explorer

  • Check out Hyper Mode: Look in the upper left area and then move your mouse over the color buttons


  • A card game for two players that seemed like it would work better on computer.”
  • Built in Vietnam

Catan Dice Roller 2

  • An app I wrote one afternoon after having a long Catan session with crooked dice.”

Hiccup space

  • Simple example of html as data.

… and a whole lot more that didn’t make the cut!